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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

McCain On Russia; Unhinged, Frightening

McCain's all-too-familiar rhetoric over the Georgia/Russia war of recent days is really starting to scare me. I had taken as a given that the idealogy of the neoconservative right had been thoroughly discredited by the farce that we got into in Iraq. Well, it looks more and more each day as if they have found a new champion in McCain.

John Marshall has it exactly right:

It's sort of funny when [McCain was] just an unhinged senator. But think for a moment where we'd be if this man were president right now, as he may well be in six months. This man takes the counsel of the people who got us into the Iraq War. On foreign policy, he is in league with the people who were so extreme they've now largely been kicked out of the Bush administration. People like John
Bolton and others like him.

It's beyond Obama or political strategy or dinging McCain on this or that policy. This man is simply too dangerous and unstable to be president. People need to wake up and get a look of the preview he's giving us of a McCain presidency.

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