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Monday, August 25, 2008

Michelle Obama's Convention Speech

Absolutely remarkable. I just watched Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention. It was a moving, sincere and touching speech. Great job!

Here are some reactions:

Ben Smith: "Michelle could hardly have done better in the biggest speech of her career. She's been on the trail for more than a year, but still gives the impression of being a little realer than the seasoned pols."

Andrew Sullivan: "One of the best, most moving, intimate, rousing, humble, and beautiful speeches I've heard from a convention platform. Maybe she should be running for president. You don't need any commentary from me. This was a home-run. And sincere. Thank God that in the end, the truth struggles out there."

Purple State: "I had thought going into tonight that Ted Kennedy's speech would be the one that could bring Democrats together across the Obama-Clinton divide. I was wrong. Michelle Obama proved herself a dynamic, captivating, and fantastic public speaker. I will post the video tomorrow. If you didn't see her speech tonight, watch it."

Click here to read the transcript of her speech

Update: Here's the video