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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bill Clinton in 1991 on "Experience" vs. "Change"

After watching the video below, it's hard to imagine how little difference there is between Bill Clinton's speech in 1991 and Obama's speeches today. Both of them point out that there's the "right" type of experience and the "wrong" type of experience. Unfortunately, as the years have gone on, the Clintons have become the establishment figures (rather than Bush the Elder) and Obama has become the insurgent.


Erwin Ho said...

It is indeed very similar. It must particularly sting for the Clinton campaign, I think they knew it immediately after Iowa. "Damn, this guy was like were in 91."

However, there are many differences. If Clinton perfectly voiced the spirit of the babyboomers and the nineties, Obama is reflects the millenium generation. The generation that's been consistently cheated out of fair politics and into a war out of personal and financial motives. But also, the generation that embraced the internet, belief in environmental responsibility and now, a strong hope for change for the better.

Each generation has its time. Our grandparents won World War 2. Our parents opened the minds of the world. And this time is ours.

Anonymous said...

How come this is not news!Or played in debate