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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Great Advantage for Obama Going Forward

Here's a great article on Politico that discusses why Obama has the advantage going into the next few weeks of the campaign and outlines five reasons why Hillary should be scared:

1. She lost the delegate derby. Pure and simple, this is a war to win delegates... [W]hen the smoke cleared this morning, it appeared that Barack Obama had ended up with slightly more delegates in the 22 states.

2. She essentially tied Obama in the popular vote.
Each won just over 7.3 million votes, a level of parity that was unthinkable as recently as a few weeks ago.

3. She lost more states.
Obama carried 14 states, six more than Clinton, and showed appeal in every geographical region.

4. She lost the January cash war.
Money chases momentum, so Obama crushing’s 2-to-1 fundraising victory last month is revealing.

5. The calendar is her enemy.
Now that more than half the states have weighed in, there is a fairly predictable formula for determining who is most likely to win the upcoming contests... In caucus states, Obama’s organizational strength shines: He has won seven of eight. Up next are three more caucus states, Washington, Nebraska and Maine... Obama also runs tremendously well in states with large African-American populations, another promising sign since next Tuesday’s three primaries are in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia — all of which have significant percentages of black voters.

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