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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Super Saturday for Obama

11:03 - Obama also wins the Virgin Islands. A clean sweep! I just finished watching Obama's speech and it, as usual brought a few tears to my eyes. I so want to hope. I so want to dream. I so want to think that we are better than the last 8+ years.

10:09 - Obama wins Louisiana, keeping him on a 100% winning streak for the night. Each contest tonight have him winning by HUGE margins.

8:58 - Watching CNN again. Look at the map of states that Clinton and Obama have won. Obama has swept the center of the country in contests where tons of new voters and independents turned out. You want the same red state/blue state divide we got in the Bush elections? You want the same "Well, we won the coasts so we squeaked by"? Then vote for Hillary. If you want a truly new dynamic that will have these calcified pundits blown apart in an entirely new Democratic election calculus? Then vote for Obama!

8:53 - Trying to keep a positive mood but Clinton's never-ending screed is getting under my skin. Oh no, now Bill is about to jump in. Nope, off to commercials on CNN. Back to MSNBC, nope, more Hillary. I shudder to consider her stepping again into the Oval Office. Think to yourself, erase the gender factor and erase her stints as first lady in Arkansas ad Washington... What does she have to offer? How does she have a leg to stand on in terms of health care. Her attempt in the 90's failed miserably. Do you think she's really going to pull out troops out of Iraq in a year? Nope, she'll spend her first 4 years trying to prove her national security bona fides and will bow to the forces of calculation and come up with some excuse. We NEED Obama!

8:42 - More primaries and caucuses for today. Obama has already won a couple of big prizes: Nebraska, and Washington. Washington was the big state with the most delegates today.


lia said...

hey there, i posted the obama super saturday victory speech on my site here... come on over and watch it again if you want! i've watched is several times because it is so good!

Monitor said...

Thanks for the video and for reading!

lia said...

no problem :) do you mind if i add you to my blogroll?

Monitor said...

Please do!