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Friday, February 15, 2008

Pollster Shows Obama Ahead for First Time!

Adding to Obama's recent fantastic poll numbers from Rasmussen, Obama has now eclipsed Clinton in Pollster.com's Poll of Polls, edging her out 47.1 to 46:

Add to this Gallup's new poll out today and it's more great news for Obama! The Gallup poll shows Obama widening his lead over Clinton, 47% to 45%:


Erwin Ho said...

Sen. Obama's lead even widened to 49-42% today. This is beyond the 3% statistical error Gallup maintains. Note that this is also seemingly the first time Hillary Clinton's tracking number is continuingly slipping; she has maintained very stable levels throughout the entire primary season, with a dip after Iowa.

I think that this is either the set-in of final demise, or the last dip before the winning bounce (if she wins Wisconsin and following that, riding a wave of momentum, Ohio, Texas ànd Pennsylvania).