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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Puerto Rico Governor Endorses Obama

Puerto Rican Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila endorsed Sen. Barack Obama on Wednesday, giving the candidate potentially key support from one of the island's superdelegates in a close fight for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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Anonymous said...

Puerto Rico may not choose Obama simply BECAUSE AniMal backs him and we abhor AniMal. Clinton has a much better chance to win as she has the most to DO wit his in the past.


Anonymous said...

One of the Puerto Rican Past time is politics, we Loveeeeeeee our politics so expect a huge turn out and by the way the majority of Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico that I have asked are voting for Obama.

About our status, seeing how anti-Latino the USA is why would we want to keep that relation? In the eyes of Anglo-America we are all Mexicans crossing borders.. Many have asked where is Puerto Rico.. That does not say a lot about USA geography classes. And now it comes down to a Primary… Ironic how a Spanish speaking colony will and might be the deciding factor for your presidential candidate… However I will note and add that OBAMA spoke some Spanish to my people Hilary did not even say an HOLA… Tells you; my people, her mind set…. OBAMA for President!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As a former Fulbright grantee from Europe I wish the American people the very best in November and particularly the wisdom to elect a president who can look way beyond the Potomac river and will be able to offer the Americans an alternative to the sterile type of biased government they have been having for 8 years now. Obama is your man for that!