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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mini-Live-Blog - Wisconsin and Hawaii

9:09 AM Weds. - I just woke up and saw Obama's numbers in Hawaii. He won 76% to 24%, a 52 point spread!

11:30 - Sorry, got was on a call with mums. Latest numbers show that Obama won Wisconsin by 15 points! Off to bed!

10:19 - I'm still watching the Obama speech but I just wanted to point out the current spread. Obama is currently beating Clinton by a 13-point margin in Wisconsin.

10:05 - Another great speech by Obama. I wonder if Hillary's earlier speech was specifically scheduled to preempt Obama's scheduled speaking time. I noticed, for the third consecutive time, that she failed to congratulate Obama on his win.

9:20 - Obama wins Wisconsin by a double-digit margin. More to come on Hawaii.


Vickie said...

Great!! I'm watching his victory speech now. 20k strong in Houston, Texas!


Monitor said...

Thanks Vickie for reading! I'm watching his speech now too. Such an amazing candidate - both on substance AND style! GO OBAMA!!