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Monday, February 11, 2008

FT: Why Democrats must choose Obama

There is a great piece in the Financial Times today I just read that sums up a lot of the reasons to vote for Obama and his contrasts with Hillary:

The manager or the visionary. Hillary Clinton’s own supporters – the candidate herself, in speech after speech – have cast the fight this way[:] ... Do not be blinded by passion and excitement. Do not gamble on a dream that way. Rise to the challenge of being dull. “I am Hillary Clinton, and I endorsed this message.”...

The US is tired and discouraged these days. The country is right to seek a little inspiration, a lifting of the spirits, a sense of renewal. Mrs Clinton is the perfect antithesis of those things. She is commanding in debate; she knows her facts. But she is dreary and angry at the same time, which is no easy feat. She personifies partisan division...

What makes Mr Obama remarkable is that his message of hope, resonating so powerfully with black America, is cast to every American, regardless of colour, to Democrats and Republicans alike. This is surpassingly important: a man of outstanding intellect and magnetic personality, he is running on a one-nation platform, as though he merely happened to be black. And the best part is, the whole country is paying attention: polls say that he is more electable in November than Mrs Clinton. In a close election, he could make the difference.

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