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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gallup: Huge Lead for Obama Nationally and Among Hispanics

Every new poll that has come out recently shows Obama routinely surging ahead.

For this post, I want to first highlight that Obama has come back from a 63%-32% disadvantage versus Clinton among Hispanic voters and now leads among such voters 50% to 46%:

For the national numbers, Obama still enjoys a comfortable 7-point lead over Clinton:

Finally, another bit of exciting news contained in the data is that Obama is now tied with Clinton among women voters nationally:

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Samuel Brainsample said...

The most recent Gallup national poll has Hillary catching up to within 1 point. I'd hate to think that this is because of her last-minute charges of plagiarism, "present" votes, etc. It seems that on the eve of every major election, she comes out with some bogus charges against him (such as her claims that he would be weak on abortion, or Bill's comments that his Iraq position was a "fairy tale").

Monitor said...

Amen. She always leaves the smarmy smears (and tears) to right before an election (that she cares about... in "significant" states)