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Friday, February 22, 2008

Top Clinton Supporter Says Obama Will Win

This is HUGE. A top Clinton supporter in Texas came out to an Obama rally and said that Obama is going to win the nomination:

One of Hillary Clinton’s top supporters in the Rio Grande Valley appeared at a Barack Obama rally Friday and said the presidential primary was the Illinois senator’s race to lose.

State Rep. Aaron Peña, who, in print and on TV has been a leading outreach activist in the Valley for Clinton, shocked many Friday morning when he sat down with his family in the stands behind the stage at an Obama rally at the University of Texas-Pan American.

“I think last night’s debate in Austin was a turning point in this campaign. I think it will become increasingly evident very soon who is going to win this primary. While Barack Obama may not win the popular vote in Texas, the passion of his organization has an advantage in winning the important caucus delegates.”

Asked if he had now flipped over to Obama, Peña said: “I will maintain my commitment but it appears to me that the decision will be made by the public on March 4. I made a commitment to Hillary Clinton and I must maintain it. I gave my word. However, as an observer, it appears to be increasingly evident who is going to win.”

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