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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Suppressing the Independent Vote in California

I received an email from one of my dearest friends today about his experiences with trying to vote in the California primary. I am also starting to read some disturbing accounts on the internet of similar types of problems people had on Super Tuesday.

Here is what my friend experienced:

I woke up early today to allot enough time to vote in the primaries. After all the time I spent in debate and research over propositions and candidates... I made my cup of joe and saddled up to my computer to vote. Logged onto the voting site, entered my social security number and registry password and with a few clicks excercised my voice in the free world.

And then I woke up and hit the alarm.

There is no computer log in, no easy process, and no cup of joe... Just a polling place, four questionably competent volunteers, my foolish party registration and a shoddy antiquated voting process. Financial institutions have it down better than our countries voting process. When I arrived at my local polling place I discovered what I think is a few major pieces of the voting process, but to my surprise not a widely known "pieces." Since I am a registered libertarian, a fact I had all but forgotten from years ago when I registered, I would not be allowed to cast my vote for Obama. I also discovered that since I had moved and not re-registered I would have to vote on a special ballot.

In any case, registered or not, the libertarian ticket did not include the option to vote on the propositions (or at least to my knowledge it did not; either because I am an idiot, it was confusing, the volunteers were of no help, or some lovely melange of all the above). Since I had no working knowledge of the usual cast of idiots my former party turns up, and no desire to vote for any of them, I (being of sound mind and body and all before Jesus) excercised my voting right by casting no vote. Not my intention for the day.

I further learned that day that certain parties can close their ticket, not allowing non-partisan voting for their candidates, such as the republicans have done.

Paired with our system of electoral votes it is no wonder that we have ended up where we are the last eight years (and more if you are really counting). It is my opinion, but I think it resonates nationwide, that the time for a majority election is well nigh. In a world of high speed Internet, cable tv, and four dollar cups of coffee - where I can send a instant letter through air from the locker room at my gym it is embarrassing, frustrating, and excuse me for saying... It is fucking unconstitutional.

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