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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hillary's Electability Crisis

There is a must-read piece on the Huffington Post that discusses the three main dangers to the Democratic party during the current election cycle.

1. Ralph Nader's Involvement; Progressives:

Ralph Nader has just declared his decision to form an exploratory committee for 2008, and will certainly wage another presidential campaign hammering the Democrats... While Nader was not a factor in 2004, Hillary's weakness among progressives -- millions will never forgive her vote authorizing the Iraq war -- means that Nader will crawl back up into the low single-digits. We saw in 2000 the carnage "low single-digits" can cause.

2. Hillary's Stunning Weakness with Independents:

[A]fter his victory in Florida and endorsement by Giuliani, John McCain is the presumptive GOP nominee. McCain's greatest appeal will be to independent voters, a large vital block of the electorate that is Hillary's great weakness... McCain will almost surely win Independents. This should be a deafening alarm bell for Democrats.

3. Unifying the Republicans:

[F]rom the wreckage of a broken, dysfunctional Republican party with deep rifts among its factions, [Hillary Clinton] would create sudden GOP unity. If Clinton is our candidate, the Republican base will come out in numbers that have nothing to do with John McCain and everything to do with Hillary and Bill Clinton. As GOP pundits are now openly admitting, they want Hillary this November. They fear Obama.

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