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Monday, February 4, 2008

The Obama Opportunity

I just read a great post from Nick Antosca:

The loudest arguments against Obama are that he does not offer substantive policy proposals and has relatively little experience. The former argument is a lazy one; his policy proposals are available here, and they are as comprehensive as those of his opponent. The latter argument is deceptive. Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush: all relatively young presidents who defeated older, more experienced opponents. Experience or lack thereof is no real indication of how a president will fare in office; character and intelligence are.

At that extraordinary UCLA rally for Obama yesterday, Maria Shriver, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg urged Americans not to vote out of race or gender allegiance. No woman owes Hillary Clinton a vote just as no black person owes Barack Obama one. We have a galvanizing, unifying candidate who's adored by the world running against a dull, divisive one who's disliked by a sizable chunk of our own electorate. A vote for Clinton is a vote for the incremental politics we've known for decades, but a vote for Obama is a profound statement of desire for reconciliation not just with the world but amongst ourselves.

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