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Friday, February 1, 2008

Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Obama

The Chicago Sun-Times today endorsed Obama in a well-written editorial:

Obama is right on the issues, right in daring us to believe in a goodness greater than ourselves, and right in having the confidence to appeal to all of us as one America.

Obama has been open with us about his flaws -- his youthful drug use, an appetite for danger, insecurities about his absent father. Yet all that seems to play in his favor, to make him a little more like a regular American.

With Obama, though, we are offered the stirrings of possibility, the nearness of greatness. Talk to young people and hear their voices quake with anticipation -- dare we say hope -- that Obama will deliver on the campaign rhetoric about changing the way Washington works. Yes, he's still relatively new to Washington, but that also means he has not accumulated many political debts. He can step on toes to get things done.

Obama is more than an motivational speaker. He represents to us, more than anything, a break from orthodoxy, a break from the Bush- Clinton legacy that is 20 years in the making. Yes, he is a symbol of truth, possibility and that overused word -- change.

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