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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obama Campaign Aims to Reach 250,000 Donors

There has been such an enormous outpouring of support for the Obama campaign recently. Looking to build on its recent success, the campaign is currently trying to reach the 250,000 donor mark for January by midnight tonight. Click below to donate today! Anything you can spare would be very helpful - $10, $25, $100 or more. Yes, we can!

Update: Yes, we did! 253,000 people donated to Obama's campaign in January. Let's keep it up - he needs our support!


the sojourner said...

This is simply amazing. I have a theory that this kind of grassroots fundraising represents an interesting relationship between politicians and their constituents. It essentially makes debtors of the politicians. Regular citizens who give money to get a candidate elected because they like his (or her) policy ideas will also work to support the enactment of those policies once the candidate is in office. This is not just because they like the policies: their desire to see platform policies become law is economically intensified when they invest their money in the platform.

I plan to expand on that in my blog (sojournerfortruth.blogspot.com) soon. In the meantime, thanks for your insight!