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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sowing Lies and Division within NH Democrats

Following up on my earlier NH posts (here and here), here's a clip from local TV news that explores more fully the rifts in the NH Democratic Party caused by the Clinton campaign's patently false 11th hour mailer:

Via Think on These Things
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Samuel Brainsample said...

Yeah, it's things like this that have really turned me off to Hillary Clinton. And it's not just Obama's abortion record she has been fudging. It's also his Reagan comments, his ethics reform bill, his position on the USA PATRIOT Act, his "present" votes, etc.

Monitor said...

Amen. I hear at least a few people a week talk about Hillary in such generalities. I know many Obama supporters do the same thing but when you bring up Hillary's lies and distortions, they just glaze over and say "that's what we need against the republicans". Are you kidding!? A part of that is true but if she wins it will be by the thinnest of margins. If Obama doesn't win the nomination, we'll deserve the secretive liar we get.