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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Female Clinton Supporters Concerned Over Bill's Role

I suspected something like this would come up. I just read a reader comment over on Ben Smith's blog from an Obama supporter whose Clinton-supporting friends are starting to feel uncomfortable with Hillary due to Bill's prominent place in the campaign over the last couple of weeks. I always suspected that Billary's gambit might provoke a female backlash due in large part to perceptions that she is letting herself be eclipsed into by a "Yeah, let's vote her in because then we get Bill" vote:

[S]omething funny has happened the last couple of days that was crystallized amongst those watching highlights of last night's debate. Around the office today, a number of women who were definitely in the Hillary camp are starting to feel a little sick to their stomach about the role Bill Clinton's is playing. One remarked that she thought she would be voting for the first women president, not a trojan horse for Bill Clinton's overactive ambition. Another friend I thought last week would definitely vote for Hillary labeled them the "Dynastic Duo" this morning and said she may switch to Obama. And finally, my best friend, who already sent in her absentee ballot says, she's got serious "buyer's remorse" saying she thought she had voted for the first women president, but now she's not so sure she's advanced or hurt women everywhere by voting for Hillary.

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