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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Liveblog: Obama Wins South Carolina in a Landslide

CNN just called the South Carolina primary for Obama in what Wolf Blitzer called a "strong victory".

7:10: I'm sure the news organizations are upset but it doesn't look like a race war is breaking out any time soon. Obama received a "healthy 24%" of the white vote and captured 28% of the white male vote. I hope they'll shut up about the incessant "racial divide".

7:22: CNN is showing the numbers now and Obama is leading the pack with 70%! Holy crap!

7:30: Wow, this is a serious blow-out for Obama. Bear in mind an article I just read on CBS News: that 57% of South Carolina Democratic primary voters said that Bill Clinton’s campaigning was important in their vote. Judging by Obama's huge victory, guess what people thought of Bill's rabid campaigning?

7:32: The numbers are narrowing but Obama still has a huge 30-point lead. Wow.

8:02: Obama is scheduled to speak at 9:00 pm.

8:04: Clinton sent in a short concession statement and Keith Olberman is wondering if she'll even bother to make a speech.

8:05: I've been flipping back and forth between CNN and MSNBC and the commentary thus far has been SCATHING about the Clintons campaign and methods.

8:08: Ouch. Exit poll numbers on the question of "Top Quality: Cares about people", Obama got 40%, Edwards got 42% and Hillary got 17%!

8:13: Wow, shady Hillary doesn't stop for a second. Her written statement she sent in said "We will now turn our attention to the millions of Americans who will make their voices heard in Florida and the 22 states and American Samoa who will vote on February 5th." Note my earlier post on this issue:
Outrage: Clinton Calls for MI and FL Delegates to be Seated. Her gambit in trying to change the rules in mid-game is truly despicable.

8:19: Tim Russert summarized the vote in SC as telling Bill's to STFU.

8:38: Wow, on the CNN ticker it just said that Caroline Kennedy is going to come out and endorse Obama in tomorrow's New York Times.