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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Petition to Stop Clinton At 134 Signatures in 24 Hours!

As some of you have seen, I have started up a petition to urge Senator Clinton to stop her push to have the Florida and Michigan delegates seated (which would obviously, given the non-contested results, favor her). Please consider signing the petition and forwarding it to all of your family and friends!

Here are some of the comments to the petition thus far from people who have signed:

Moana - Hillary said, after the Iowa caucuses, that "Florida and Michigan don't count for anything". Now she is holding rallies in Florida and declaring "victory". You can't change the rules in the middle of the game, and her tactics do nothing but show her true character - she'll do anything to win, even if it means splitting the party in half...

Sara - Senator Clinton, As a young feminist, I am more than thrilled that so early in my voting career, I could help elect the first woman to the Oval Office. However, I would be ashamed to see her get there by dirty, underhanded tactics, which is precisely what you would be proposing if you carry this plan through. If you do carry out this plan, rest assured it will be at the expense of my vote, and many others'. I look to you for inspiration, Sara...

Lisa - While I am still very angry at the DNC for stripping Florida and Michigan of its delegates, it would be completely unfair to seat the delegates for Clinton at this point. Also, to set the record straight--I don't know about the situation in Michigan, but it was our REPUBLICAN legislature here is Florida that forced through the early primary date. Shame on the DNC for allowign this to happen, and SHAME ON YOU FELLOW DEMOCRATS who say that we in Florida and Michigan 'deserve' this!! Aren't we all supposed to be on one team?? Hillary Clinton and fellow democrats should have stood up for their Michigan and Florida constituents months ago. Too late now.

Go here to sign the petition!
Send the petition to your friends and family!