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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Smear Campaign Against Obama Will Elect McCain or Romney

M.J. Rosenberg sums up my greatest fear in the coming election. If Hillary smears her way to the White House by tearing down one of the most promising political candidates to come along in a generation, she won't stand a chance against the Republicans in November.

Her lying and distorting of Obama's record and positions on issues is going to leave a HUGE portion of the Democratic Party beaten and demoralized -- and many of them won't come out to vote. Couple that with the hatred that the Republicans have for her and, well, who would've thought that a Democrat would be responsible for electing a Republican to office in this most advantageous political environment, but:

I didn't think that there was a way Democrats could fail to win the Presidency in 2008. But I underestimated us. We not only can lose the election; at this point, I think we will.

[V]irtually the entire campaign against [Obama] has been smear and innuendo with a racial subtext. It better stop, but I expect it won't. It won't stop because after Iowa it was decided that Obama could not be defeated fair and square. So fair and square went out the window.

The result?

A Republican victory especially if McCain is the nominee and pledges to serve only one term.

That shouldn't happen. Democrats should be able to pull together and defeat any Republican. But we won't if some of us (especially African-Americans and young voters) come to feel that the nomination contest was decided not on the merits but on smear, fear, and race.

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