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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clinton: Much Ado About No Delegates

I try to keep this blog positive where possible but Hillary's attempt to subvert the nominating process is absolutely infuriating for its underhandedness and sheer mendacity. Here is a great article from the Washington Post that shows her "victory" in Florida's no-delegate primary for what it is (i.e., a victory only if you choose to spin it as such):

Cheering supporters? Check. Election returns on the projection screen? Check. Andrea Mitchell and Candy Crowley doing stand-ups? Check and check.

In a political stunt worthy of the late Evel Knievel, the Clinton campaign decided to put on an ersatz victory party that, it hoped, would erase memories of Obama's actual victory Saturday night in South Carolina's Democratic primary. "Thank you, Florida Democrats!" Clinton shouted to the cheering throng. "I am thrilled to have this vote of confidence."

It was a perfect reproduction of an actual victory speech, delivered at a perfectly ersatz celebration at a perfectly pretend location: a faux Italianate palace with lion sculptures, indoor fountains and a commanding view of Interstate 595.

"Thank you, thank you for this tremendous victory tonight," Clinton shouted.

Well, at least a tremendous victory party.

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