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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Conservative Talk Show Hosts Defend Obama

Ben Smith pointed out in a recent blog entry how conservative radio talk show hosts are defending Obama against the rehashed lies du jour coming out of the "other candidate's" camp. I'm sure your typical far-lefties will fall all over themselves at such news but this is another example of why the Republicans don't know what to do with Obama. Like I've always said about his cross-party appeal, his candidacy would usher in a Democratic landslide the likes of which we haven't seen in recent memory:

"I'm seeing right-wing talk show hosts defend Barack Obama, myself included," Mike Gallagher said on the Mike Gallagher Show this morning, and sure enough, an hour or two later I heard Rush Limbaugh express his shock and horror that the Clintons would attack an African-American candidate.

Galllagher played large sections of Obama's interview with Beliefnet, in which Obama discussed his relationship with his Chicago church and the smears directed at his religion.

Then -- to my surprise -- Gallagher approvingly accepted Obama's arguments.

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Anonymous said...

Obama, in his 1995 book, "Dreams for my Father", page 80, says that the only way blacks and whites will come together is through Islam. Is it no wonder that he is hesitant in telling us what he is all about? Could this be another reason he removed the American Flag pin from his lapel?